About DJ Son

Based out of Los Angeles, DJ Son is quickly emerging as one of the most skilled and versatile dj's in the industry. With over 10 years of experience as a dj, producer, and engineer, he has provided sounds for a wide array of different clients and party people with gigs ranging from cruise ship to clubs, and everything in between.

Although he started learning how to DJ at the late age of 18, Son quickly immersed himself in music, fiendishly practicing on his turntables day and night over the next few years. Within a short period of time he was already out in public rocking clubs all over Los Angeles. DJ Son has played and held down residencies at venues including: The Brig, The Root Down, The Conga Room, Continental Club, The Association, Now Boarding, The Wilshire, The Highlands Club, Little Temple, The Room, The Dime, Salvage, Barcopa, The House of Blues, Hotel Erwin, Temple Bar, The Buffalo Club, Dakota Lounge and The Bridge as well as others. Some of his big name clients have been: NBA, Norwegian Cruise, Disney, Oakley, Redbull, Uber and others. Another recent addition to his accomplishments was beating out the whole west coast of the U.S. to make it to the West Coast Regionals Redbull 3Style DJ Battle in 2015 as well.

The natural compliment to his turntable skills, DJ Son has extensive knowledge and experience in various aspects of music production, engineering and post-production for both audio and video. Having studied at California Institute of the Art's "music technology" program he expanded his knowledge in many areas that would apply to his endeavors. To date he has produced, recorded, and mixed 3 full length albums as well countless mixtapes and remixes. His post production work included roles as an arranger, editor, composer and supervisor. In addition to his work in the studio and as a performer, Son has also worked as a live sound engineer mixing for diverse genres of music ranging from hip hop to rock, jazz, classical and beyond.

Having such a broad range of experience has helped DJ Son to form a keen intuition combined with advanced technical facility and an eclectic style. Each aspect of his background informs the others, thus providing him with a unique skill set which he brings to any project he is part of. Currently, he is spinning at venues all around LA, working on various recordings, Instructing at The Scratch dj academy, and running his own private studio.

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